Wes Terzi

"College came with many different obstacles but nothing was too big to overcome."

Wes Terzi

Playing football and the success we had as a team at mtsathletics made me want to continue that brotherhood at the college level. College came with many different obstacles but nothing was too big to overcome.

Playing QB in high school and then transitioning to a receiver in college seemed like a tall ask at first but with the help of coaches, teammates and of course Triton Athletics, everything went very smoothly. College is definitely more competitive than high school, on the field and in the classroom. For the most part everyone was the best player at their high school, and has a long list of accolades lined up under their name which can be intimidating.

In change this makes for a more competitive team and college as a whole. Everyone wants to be the best so that has pushed me to work harder to try and achieve my goals.

I will say what has kept me sane through the ups and downs of college is my faith in God (go to bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6). I have been blessed with amazing opportunities in life which at times I take for granted. I’m healthy and have great friends and family supporting me so no matter what the circumstances may be I am forever grateful.

Huge thanks to Coach Rossacci and Coach Jonathan for pushing me and the other athletes this summer to improve our speed, agility and strength. They prepare us better than anyone I know!

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