Strength & Conditioning Program

Strength & Conditioning Program

At Triton Athletics, we understand the importance of having a successful season. We are a program committed to making our clients stronger, faster & healthier.  Our Strength and Conditioning training programs will improve overall speed, strength and conditioning.

When speaking with parents of youth athletes about strength and conditioning, the conversation typically begins with a  process of reassurance that age appropriate programming is suitable for a developing athlete.  Through peer reviewed research, the National Strength and Conditioning Association has determined that strength and conditioning for the youth athlete can be both safe and effective in developing strength, coordination and athleticism starting from the age of six (NSCA, 2009). With this thought in mind, the following five points highlight how strength and conditioning can be useful for the youth athlete.

  • Preparation for the future
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Increases in strength
  • Small incidence of burnout or overspecialization
  • More enjoyment in movement and physical activity for a lifetime


Triton Athletics will customize training programs according to the age, sport, skill level and specific strengths and weaknesses of each athlete we work with.  Our programs are built the same way a teacher builds a lesson plan.  Each workout has objectives, key points and goals.  This increases the progression of the programs faster.  Anyone can put athletes through a grouping of exercises and drills, but Triton Athletics takes it one step further and educations our athletes.  Athletes will learn the proper techniques and purpose behind each exercise and drill they are asked to perform. This allows an athlete to connect to the exercise and focus on their specific weaknesses.  The athletes will also learn how each exercise and drill will help them perform at a higher level in their sport.  These teaching methods are what motivates and helps the athletes excel when training.

Training can include:

  • Sprinting Mechanics
  • Footwork and Foot Speed
  • Agility
  • Balance/Stability/Flexibility
  • Conditioning
  • Core Training
  • Weight Training